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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Alex Noble show LFW off Schedule at St Martins Crypt

LFW 2011: Alex Noble's off schedule show, at St Martins in the Crypt.
Fabulous show, created like an installation inspired from Manhattan's meat packing district, only with an anatomical and ethereal fashion spin. External vertebrae and nude tu tu lemons with subtle ballet like nods in the form of leotardesque bodies adorned with grecian draped detailing were enough to wet the appetite of even a fashion veggie. The dark wood walls in the Crypt, the meat cleaver metal hooks, and the soundtrack of a beating heart only added to the moody atmosphere, orchestrated primarily by models wearing exoskeletal unitards poised gracefully on top of navy blue fuel barrels. Overall, an atmospheric and royal collection with a dark and cheeky edge, definitely one worth watching: Alex Noble.

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