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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Minx Nail Art

Recently came across this very exciting new nail trend... Minx! Basically these are nail wraps, and are available in a multitude of prints and block colours. In addition I have heard you can upload your own designs and came them sent to you! The nail wraps are heated then adhered easily to the nails, and the excess wrap is then simply filed off for a long lasting high gloss nail patterned look! I am already thinking of lots of different designs I would like to create myself such as an aztec print and cute little images of rainbows, hearts and stars. To get me started I have purchased some cheetah print minx wraps on bay, along with a 'hoof slick', I hear from a video tutorial that the hoof stick is key to achieving a good result. You usually are supposed to use a specialised infrared light to heat up the wraps, but I actually intend to cheat as I have been told that actually a hairdryer does the trick. Minx nail wraps start at about £10 but I hear that they last around 6 weeks, or even longer on toes.

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